Wine Tasting

A fantastic night of socialising and competitive fun was had by all last Friday! Wine connoisseur, Doug Harrison was introduced by the club chair, Andy Ivel…and the double act led us through the evening, as we tasted 6 wines from different countries, made using different grapes and retailing at different price points. Interspersed were several quiz questions and the Rufforth community did not disappoint when it came to competitiveness and wine knowledge!

As the evening progressed the answers deteriorated for most but a few hardcore wine drinkers attempted to stay with the front runner Tracy Hurst. We had a brief break for a cheese and pate supper to soak up some (not all) of the alcohol at which time the guests were able to try Gary Barlows current red and white wine offering in Morrison’s stores – yes that’s right more wine during the interval!!

By the end of the night there was a lot of noise generated by those desperate to win the coveted prize of a bottle of Champagne, however, having led all evening, Tracy was a not going to relinquish the lead at the final hurdle and was indeed a very deserving winner – Congratulations! The ‘booby’ prize, of a bottle of tonic water, was gratefully won by Lynn.

Thank you to all of you that came and supported our first fundraiser in many years, it was a great success and has inspired the club to plan for 2022! We hope to see you all there…

Thanks to Kate, Andy, Carole and Wendy for making the event happen and thanks to Jane Wright for her support in ensuring the venue was perfect for the occasion. And a huge thank you to Doug for his expertise and knowledge that enabled us to run this event so successfully – his dedication to the enjoyment of wine drinking is unparalleled!

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