Data Protection Policy

Contact of members by the Club:

Under GDPR, members must agree to be contacted by the Club in connection with club activities and general administration, rather than ticking a box to ‘opt out’.
The Club fully endorses and adheres to the principles of Data Protection legislation and will:
· Only collect information needed for the administration of the Club
·  Keep the information secure
·  Ensure the information is relevant and up to date
·  Only hold the information we need and for as long as we need it
·  Only use the information to contact Members if we have the specific approval of individual members or, in the case of junior members, their parent or guardian.
·  Allow individual members to see information held on them whenever requested.

Information Held:

Information provided by members on their application forms or on their annual subscription renewal forms is held on password controlled software. This data comprises:
Adult members:   Name, address, telephone number and email address.
Junior members:  As above plus date of birth, which is required to confirm category of membership.
Data is deleted when members cease to be members for any reason, or when requested to be deleted by the member.

Use of Information by the Club:

The specific purpose for which Rufforth Tennis Club holds such data on any of its members is primarily to maintain vital communications with them in relation to the operations of the Club. This includes Club activities, the collection of annual subscriptions, club functions or any other communication that is deemed to be in the interests of members and specifically related to Club and its activities. It will never be passed on to any third party, unless authorised by the member or by a court of law.


The membership database is only held on the Treasurer’s Computer and the Secretary’s computer. In both cases, the software is password controlled. Access to the database is limited to the Treasurer and Secretary only.

Right to see information held by the Club and to withdraw consent:

Members may contact the Treasurer, Data Protection Officer, to see a copy of the information held for them and also to withdraw consent to hold such information.