Life President’s Celebratory Dinner!

Back in September 2020, Christine announced that after 27 years as club secretary she would be stepping down from the role. She actually started the process to create the club over 30 years ago! Given her tremendous efforts and commitment for the past 3 decades it felt fitting to formally thank her and celebrate all her achievements. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions last year we decided to delay any social gathering until it was more appropriate. We did, however, put together a very comprehensive application for a Lifetime Achievement Award to Yorkshire LTA. Earlier this year we heard the fantastic news that Christine was the very deserving Winner of this award for 2020!

Hence, the desire to celebrate Christine and all she stands for was even greater and so the club set about planning a dinner in her honour. The theme was ‘This is Your Life’ and apart from knowing we had booked a table for dinner she had no idea of the evening we had planned for her! Special guests from her past, all involved with Christine in her tennis life, were contacted and invited to join us and say a few words on the night or contribute to the ‘red book’. And so the celebration was in hand…

Christine’s surprise was the highlight of the proceedings as she scanned the room to take in all the faces from past and present. Andy Ivel, Club Chair delivered a journey of her life from all the research that had been done in the preceding weeks. At various points family and friends recounted their memories and stories of how and why they know and value Christine in their lives.

A wonderful meal was enjoyed by all in the private dining room at The Tickled Trout.

It was a special evening for a special lady, without whom we would not have the wonderful tennis facilities that we have at Rufforth Tennis Club! Thankfully for all of us, Christine has agreed to take on the Life President role and will continue to provide support for the continuing benefit of the club and all it’s members.

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