2020/2021 Membership

The subscriptions have been calculated on a pro rata basis, from the beginning of the month following the reopening of the courts and based on last year’s subscription rates. The courts reopened on Wednesday 13th May 2020, which is just two weeks into our subscription year and so subscriptions will be calculated with effect from the 1st June. However, we are pleased to say that because of the fairly restrictive guidelines currently in place, we are reducing the annual subscriptions by an extra two months, which means that subscriptions will be calculated on a 9 month period for virtually the whole of the subscription year. This represents a minimum 25% reduction on last year’s subscription rates. After researching how other clubs in the York area are now processing their subscriptions, I can confirm that the discount offered by Rufforth Tennis Club provides one of the top reductions available. The Committee feels that we have a “village communitymembership and we would like to thank our members for their continued loyalty and support.

The subscriptions for 2020/21 are as follows:

                             Last year rates below:                             2020/21 rates below:

Families:                 £165 / 12 months x 9 months =£123.75                £123.00

Adults:                    £ 93 / 12 months x 9 months = £69.75                   £ 69.00

Post University:      £ 40 / 12 months x 9 months = £30.00                  £ 30.00

Vacation Students:  £ 30 / 12 months x 9 months = £22.50                 £ 22.00  

Juniors:                   £ 25 / 12 months x 9 months = £18.75                   £ 18.00

If you would like a membership form please email –

Rob Errington, Club Treasurer



Annual Membership Fees

Tennis Club subscriptions for the 1st May 2019 to 30th April 2019 are as follows:

Families: £165

Adults: £93

Post University: £40 (applicable only for the following 2 full years after leaving University.  Must be age 24 or under at the time of leaving University)

Vacation Students: £30

Juniors: £25

Please email if you require a membership form or further information.

Match Fees

Mixed: £2

Ladies’: £1

Men’s: £1

Data Protection Policy

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